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On Tuesday Marian Keyes was reading in the Thalia bookshop in Hamburg.
Okay, I admit it, I have never read a book of her – yet. I am definitly gonna change that as soon as I am done with the current book.
I went with a friend of mine and I would go again and again and again. That woman is hillarious, really sweet and just fabulous.
She came to read from her book This Charming Man which was published just this month. The German actress Katharina Spiering was reading parts of the book in German which I thought was well read but still I would have preferred all parts in English as the German translation is a nightmare! Don’t even think about reading the German translation! Trust me! Marian was talking a lot about her life, her family, about writing book and of course about This Charming Man and domestic violence. She has an amazing way of telling stories, every word seems well chosen and most of the time I was lying on the floor laughing. Actually she probably could have done without the reading… but then the book sounds very very good as well.
I enjoyed the evening a lot and was amazed to heer that her favorite Magnum icecream flavour is the same as mine (when I eat Magnum that is): it’s the one with two layers of chocolate and one layer of caramel. Pure dead brilliant. Would should really try it. Come on, I know you want to… She also explained why women love bags and once you hear it, it sounds true: we love bags because they always fit… not like jeans or the favorite top. Nice one!
Marian also took the time to sign books and really took a moment to talk to everyone.
I had a great evening and and I can’t wait to start her book!!!